Advanced Automatic Grain Drying System

Western Grain Dryer Inc. would like to introduce our custom designed grain dryers with advanced automatic loading, unloading, drying and moisture control. The system comes with the option of remote access via smart devices / PC. Economically designed grain dryers are available as well.


• Touch screen for ease operation.
• A simply touch of a key to start or stop loading, drying and unload grain.
• Track and display of grain moisture and grain temperature in real time.
• Grain moisture and temperature sensor measures and sends outbound condition of grain to the controller/display.
• Manual or fully automated modes of operation.
• Includes 48 hours of on-going grain temperature and grain moisture trends.
• Designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind.
• Display the history of error reports relating to grain drying and grain handling.
• Provides alarms for overly wet or dry grain moisture.

• Remote operations with local access by smart devices/PC from a certain distance.
• Online remote access with specific high speed internet.
• Secondary sensor to track incoming grain moisture and grain temperature.

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Most energy efficient grain dryer in the market:
Automatic control system will reduce energy consumption by avoiding over and under drying.

• Highest quality of grain:
When drying grain within a pre-determined moisture range, dryer will discharge grain more consistently and deliver quality grain.

• Time saving during harvesting:
Maximum dryer performance during busy harvest season and saves labour costs.

• Easy maintenance:
Display possible errors for easy trouble shooting.