Western Grain Dryer Inc. Creators of advanced grain handling technology and innovation for the grain industry. The simple equation that defines the grain and commodity drying business is: to achieve the highest quality end product for our customers, providing excellent, innovative, and reliable technology that will generate results for increased profits.


Grain Dryers: “Western Grain Dryer” originated with a mixed air flow solution, true continuous flow dryers for both drying and cooling grain in the dryer, and that’s whyWestern Grain Dryers are being considered the most energy efficient  grain dryers in the market. Designed with superior technology, and flexible components, all are built to last requiring minimal maintenance. Available in high-capacity models, and easy to operate, optimal performance for excellent end results.


Grain Drying System Controls: Our advanced grain dryer system controls have all the advance technology for today’s modern grain companies and farmers. They are precision engineered to achieve the highest efficiencies, yet versatile and flexible. We have advanced our designs and development, creating a variety of fully automated control systems, for unloading or conveying, temperature and moisture controller, and including those with touchscreen technology and mobile control abilities, all specifically customized for our client needs.


Regulatory Compliance
Western Grain Dryer makes efforts to ensure complying with CSA or UL Standards as well as regulations of local authorities.

Grain Handling Products & Services

•  “Custom designed grain dryer.”
•  “Fully automatic drying and moisture control system with touch screen controller and remote control, to control dry, fill and empty of dryer, track and display of moisture and temperature in real time.”
•  “Use Industrial Maxon burner.”
•  “Most energy efficient grain dryer for both fuel and electricity consumption.”
•  “Quietest running grain dryer in the market.”
•  “Easy for maintenance by utilizing standard off-the-shelf components widely available through North America, use single burner, single fuel control system, relay logic and PLC based control panel design for both drying and moisture control.”
• “Specialize in grain drying technology development, manufacture, trouble shooting, renovate of existing grain dryers…for over 40 years.”